Our Courses

Ecole Technique St Kizito Musha is a private, rural boarding school of 248 students, 176 boys and 72 girls. It was founded in 2002 as a middle school, offering three years (Ordinary level) after primary school. It was named Ecole Secondaire Saint Kizito Musha. It then became a Technical school in 2010, with the name of Ecole Technique St Kizito Musha to respond to the need for trade education at the high school level. Students are motivated with courses specializing in Construction and Computer Science.  We have recently added Culinary Arts to our curriculum, teaching the skills necessary to find employment or continue to university.

The school is located in the Eastern Province, Rwamagana District, six kilometers from the main Kigali-Rwamagana road in Musha Sector, Kagarama cell.

The school has three departments:  Construction, Computer Science and Culinary Arts. ETSK Musha has the following objectives:

  • Developing people with the right knowledge, skills and attitude
  • Developing the hands-on skills needed in the labor market
  • Facilitating training of youth from the surrounding region
  • Promoting and contributing to regional and national increase of job opportunity.
  • Promoting the quality of TVET (Technical Vocational Educational Training).

COMPUTER SCIENCE: The Computer Science Department also started in 2010 with 24 Students; currently it has Level 3 Computer Systems Technology, Senior 5 Computer Science and Senior 6 Computer Science and it has 75 Students 43 Boys and 35 Girls. The current number of graduates from the Computer Science Option is 120. The Computer Science Option has an additional objective of facilitating youth from surrounding region in being trained in the Computer Science (IT) domain.

Computer Science department has four laboratories:

  • Two Computer Lab for advanced MS Office Package, Programming, Web Designing and CAD (Computer Aided Design) Construction Software such as ArchiCAD and AutoCAD.
  • One Computer Maintenance Lab (Workshop)
  • Electrical Workshop

CONSTRUCTION: The Construction department started in 2010 with 24 students. Now, it has 146 students, 130 boys and 16 girls. As of 2017, 200 students have graduated from this department. In Construction, there are core and generic subjects:

COnstructionCore Subjects: Drawing, Construction Technology, Technology, Masonry, Drafting, Plumbing, Building elevation, and Finishing work
Generic subjects: Mathematics, Physics, English, and French

The construction department has different workshops including:

  • Masonry workshop
  • Plumbing workshop
  • Carpentry workshop
  • Welding workshop
  • Electrical workshop
  • Computer lab for advanced MS office package and CAD construction software such as ArchiCAD and AutoCAD

CULINARY ARTS: The hospitality and tourism sector promotes self-development as well as country development. That is why Ecole Technique Saint Kizito has taken the initiative to introduce CULINARY ARTS, which is a pillar of Rwanda’s 2020 vision.

Culinary Course at St. Kizito Technical School in RwandaEcole Technique Saint Kizito Musha started this program of Culinary Arts in 2017 with 23 students. Each level will be awarded a certificate that will summarize performance and permit students to progress to the next levels (three in all).

Internships: Every Culinary Arts student will participate in supervised internships for 2 months per year. These internships take place in restaurants, hotels, catering operations, clubs, pubs, cafes, cafeterias and coffee shops, as well as hospitals and households. After this practice, students will search for employment, whether in governmental or private institutions or being self-employed entrepreneurs.